Sales policy

Terms of sale

  • The estimated delivery time in the peninsula is from 1 to 5 business days. Once the package has been shipped, it must be received within 24 / 48h. Transportation may take longer in foreign countries or shipments outside the peninsula such as the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Magnetolock reserves the right to delay due to exceptional causes beyond its control or due to stock breakages.
  • In case of an excessive delay of delivery, due to transport incident or stock breakage, the customer will be informed about it. Faced with a delay in delivery, the customer has the right to cancel your order.
  • The promotions of products will be valid until they are exhausted, once exhausted it would be informed to the clients that had requested them, being able to reserve these or substitute them by equivalents. In the event that the customer does not agree, you have the right to cancel your order. In general, promotions are not cumulative, unless otherwise indicated in the description thereof.
  • The customer has the right to cancel your order in the event of typographical errors on the website that could affect the denomination or the price of the products.
  • Magnetolock Online reserves the right to cancel any order that can not be confirmed or delivered to the customer with guarantees, or those that have as destination areas considered by the transport agency as dangerous or difficult to access.
  • Magnetolock Online reserves the right to cancel any order which does not have all the necessary information of the buyer (name, address, telephone and ID) for a successful delivery of the order.
  • In case of lack of contact information or erroneous, the shipment will be paralyzed until obtaining the correct data. Notice will be sent to the client by email and we will wait for the missing information.
  • The buyer assumes and accepts that Magnetolock will provide his name, address and telephone number to the transport company to facilitate delivery of the package. In no case Magnetolock will provide any data of the buyer with another purpose or destination.
  • Magnetolock Online reserves the right to delay shipping for reasons of stock breakage. Magnetolock will allow the customer to cancel the order and the amount paid will be reimbursed.

Cancellation and / or return of the order.

In the event of cancellation of an order for any of the reasons stated above, the client will be refunded the full amount paid for his purchase.

  • The buyer may cancel the order with its full refund of the amount, if the package has not been sent.
  • The buyer may cancel the order with full refund if the order is returned in perfect condition, without use and without damage or lack of parts within 10 business days after the delivery of the order.


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