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Said patent is protected against the exploitation, manufacture and modification of the invention it describes. Any attack on the intellectual property of said patent will be immediately prosecuted and prosecuted, protected by the law of intellectual protection, with fines that could amount to € 300,000 for violation of the same.

Any claim to use said invention patent can be requested to the proprietor thereof registered in the office of intellectual property of Patents and Trademarks.

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The Magnetolock brand, belonging to TESLEIN s.l., is based at Urals Street 15, 08195 Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), Spain.

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The intellectual property rights of the contents, texts, guides, corporate badges, images, and alters of this website are property of Magnetolock and, where appropriate, of the other associations and entities mentioned in this page, being protected by the legal system Spanish and by the applicable international and community standards.

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The websites of Magnetolock are not responsible for the possible inappropriate use made by third parties of this web page, nor for the information transmitted through it to third parties. Magnetolock reserves the right to exercise the legal actions it deems appropriate derived from any illicit uses by third parties of the contents of its website.

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