Using Magnetolock

2015-10-17 02:58:58

Make your home a safe place for your entire family with Magnetolock security.

Magnetolock is very practical and safe. See our guide of use tips for correct locking and unlocking as well as safety tips that will make your home a much safer place for intruders.

How to use the Magnetolock:

  • Magnetolock window security for babies and children.

Magnetolock not only watches over the entry of intruders to your home, but also through the exit. Use Magnetolock to ensure the safety of babies or children by blocking the windows and preventing them from suffering unwanted damages, even with the windows open (locking position with window open)

  • Correct way to unlock Magnetolock.

For the correct removal of the block, we must remove it completely horizontally. For this we will support the hand on the frame and later we will relate a horizontal movement, which will make it very easy and simple to remove it. In the case of stretching it in a non-horizontal way, this will cause an angled effort that will greatly hamper the extraction and may even start the positioner from its place, seriously damaging the safe properties of Magnetolock.

  • Always use the "parking" positioner.

Once installed, when we have the lock removed. Always leave it in the "parking" positioner to lose it and have it always at hand.

  • Block with Magnetolock in total mode whenever you are not at home.

Put the total block whenever you are not in your home on all doors and windows. Combine it with an intrusion and perimeter alarm and you will delay entry to your home long enough for the intruders to desist from the attempted robbery.

House theft has a lot to do with the time of entry. Even if you have an alarm if the time to force a door or window is very fast (the usual) the thieves have enough time to enter and perform a quick robbery. Therefore, install a perimeter alarm (external movement sensors) connected to the police and, if all the doors and windows are blocked with Magnetolock, said entry time increases enough for the thief to desist since if the alarm can be caught "in fraganti" by the police trying to force entry to the address.

  • Magnetolock efficiency. More secure home for family tranquility.

Magnetolock window blocking does not completely prevent entry into the home. The blockade will significantly delay entry into the home but there are many other ways to enter. Blocking does not replace other elements such as alarms and other devices, but it will guarantee that the entry to your home will be much more complex or noisy. Even with windows or doors in the locked position with door or window open. Always use it when you are not at home and when you are at home when you sleep.

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