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Magnetolock is protected by the law of intellectual property.

Magnetolock is a patented product. 

The invention patent.

Currently the invention is protected by the granted utility model patent and by international PTC patent.

The invention patent protects the system and application in sliding doors and windows. The main protected features, among others are:

  • Protect any use of magnets and placement of the same inside the window, in the frame, in the blocker or other positions as well as arrangement and number or type of magnets.
  • Protect any shape, whether cylindrical, square triangular or others.
  • Protect your application either in triple or other double windows.
  • Protect the type of total block, partial or more positions.
  • Protect any type of material shape or color used.

Violation of intellectual property.

The manufacture, import or distribution of a product protected by the law of intellectual property is punishable by law with very high economic sanctions. Therefore it is recommended not to infringe said law since Magnetolock, J.B.Fiser s.a. , and the owner of said patent will not hesitate to pursue the infractions under the law.

Said law shall apply and be responsible to:

  • Any manufacturer that infrija.
  • Any importer of an infringing product.
  • Any company or natural person that distributes the infringing product.

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